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Understanding Treaty 7 History Through Blanket Exercise

June 19, 2024, the FCJ Christian Life Centre hosted a significant event aimed at understanding and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in Canada. The Blanket Exercise, facilitated by Rev. Tony Snow, provided young adults with a deep interactive experience to learn about the history and stories of Indigenous people in Canada.

Rev. Tony Snow, a highly respected Indigenous minister, guided the participants through the exercise, which involved standing on blankets that represented the land. As the story unfolded, blankets were folded and gradually removed, symbolizing the loss of land and rights experienced by Indigenous communities due to colonization. This visual exercise and participatory method allowed participants to grasp the impact of historical events on Indigenous people.

In addition to the exercise, Rev. Snow shared talks about the traditional ways of life of Indigenous peoples, their rich cultures, diverse practices, and the challenges they have faced over the years. His narratives emphasized the resilience of Indigenous communities before and today on their ongoing struggles and triumphs.

The event underscored the importance of the younger generation, including both new and long-time migrants in Calgary, learning more about the history and journey of our Indigenous brothers and sisters.

This Blanket Exercise are one of the steps of the FCJ Christian Life Centre in acknowledging the Indigenous people living in Canada. It is through these shared experiences and ongoing dialogue that we can hope to build a more inclusive and harmonious society. It also served as a prelude to the observance of National Aboriginal Day on June 21st, a day dedicated to celebrating and recognizing the diverse cultures, heritage, and contributions of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples.#


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