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The Faithful Companion of Jesus (FCJ Sisters) or Fidèles Compagnes de Jésus was founded in Amiens in France in 1820 by Marie Madeleine Victoire de Bengy de Bonnault d'Houet (1781—1858). This community has been devoted to the education of the underprivileged and marginalized, especially girls, and women in the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe.


FCJ Sisters come from diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds.  They are united in one mission although their ministries are diverse, contemporary expressions of Marie Madeleine’s vision and inspiration.

The FCJ Sisters are conformed by members with a diverse cultural background from across the world. They disseminate contemporary expressions of Marie Madeleine’s legacy, exercising corporate works as the cornerstone on their ministry.

Marie Madeleine wanted her sisters to engage in the work of education and retreats, to go anywhere God asked of them and to embrace Ignatian/Jesuit spirituality. Her work spread rapidly during and after her lifetime, with the foundation of schools for the poor, day schools, boarding schools, night classes for women and retreat hospitality.

This fruitful project was consolidated during Madeleine d'Houët spiritual journey and service, guided by the Ignatian Spirituality she practiced. Her great work was rapidly spread during and after her lifetime, with the foundation of charity/poor schools, day schools, boarding schools, orphanages, night classes for women and retreat centres. 

FCJ Sisters are “...companions, faithful to the Lord and to each other". They work together in the service of the Church to build the body of Christ. They stand at the foot of the cross of Jesus uniting themselves with the redemptive offering of the risen, glorious Christ so that they may become a community of his faithful companions in spirit and in truth. They seek to find in prayer the mind and heart of Jesus, so that they may find God in all things and be to others messengers of His saving Word.


The FCJ general leadership is located in London, England. For more information about the FCJ Sisters, please visit

Marie Madeleine Newsletter
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Marie Madeleine Newsletter

A newsletter prepared by the FCJ Sisters to help make Marie Madeleine and her special gift to the Church more widely known.

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