Today, I am writing to ask for your support of the FCJ Christian Life Centre also known as the FCJ Retreat and Conference Centre … your place of quiet and reflection in the heart of the city. The FCJ Centre exists to serve you and your family through a wide range of high-quality programs and services, while also hosting various non-profit organizations who are welcome to utilize our beautiful Conference facilities.

     Our annual Giving Campaign is critically important to us in these trying times, and we are looking forward to your participation. Pledging and giving allows us to carry on our exciting and life-changing ministry here at the FCJ Christian Life Centre.

     We want to begin by saying “thank you.”  We wish to express our gratitude to those who make this ministry possible.  You consistently and substantially support the FCJ Christian Life Centre with your generosity. We now, once again, encourage you to prayerfully consider your intentional gift for the coming year.    

     It has been a defining period of change throughout the world, and it is with awe that we at the FCJ Christian Life Centre, see your great resilience in a highly dynamic situation.

     Despite the uncertainty and disorder of our time, our present moment is a great opportunity to awaken to deeper transformation, love, and hope. Amid the widespread need for healing, reality offers us an invitation to depth—to discover what is lasting and what matters.  

     Father Richard Rohr writes, “Transformation more often happens not when something new begins, but when something old falls apart. The pain of something old falling apart - disruption and chaos – invites the soul to a deeper level. It invites and sometimes forces the soul to a new place because the old place is not working.”

     Bishop Janice Riggle Huie states, for people of Faith, God continues to call them to imagine and create a “new normal.” For people of faith to thrive in such a time and continue to build toward the world that God imagines, we will need to drink deeply from reservoirs of the Spirit, particularly the dimensions of courage, hope and purpose.

     Hope is both a noun and a verb. When we speak of hope as a noun, we are usually referring to hope as a feeling. Hope as a noun is a nice sentiment, but it doesn’t have much power.

     Hope as a verb is potent. It is relentless. It calls for hard work. It calls for courage to find purpose. When we hope, we choose to believe and act as if the future will be better than the present. Hope as a verb is faith turned into action. In that sense, hope is a virtue we learn. Hope as a verb grows out of the faith that God hasn’t quit and that light does shine in the darkness. People of hope make a deliberate choice to move toward the light—they act. They consciously choose life over death. They act with resilience.  (Romans 8: “For surely I know the plans I have you,” said the Lord, “plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.” (Jeremiah 29.11)

     With this plea for support we at the Centre are reaching out to our patrons to embrace the “new normal’ in ways that support all in “finding the path to resiliency”. Our program offerings and events provide meaningful ways to discover through courage, hope and purpose what is lasting and what matters in our lives.

     We trust as in the words of Hubby Dear, that we can help you to find that: “Hope is the radical refusal to set limits.”


     Charitable donations have helped make the FCJ Centre a thriving, oasis in the heart of the city.

     Our commitment to engaging with the issues of our time, standing in solidarity with the oppressed and seeking to build a more inclusive community underlies the variety of programs and services offered at the Centre. They are designed to transform the way we care for our diverse communities. Our efforts will help to expand our vision for peace and harmony, reaching out to all who wish to find a warm, caring, welcoming environment to enhance their relationship with God, self, others and the Cosmos.

     Please consider giving a gift today. It is your gift that will help support the ongoing provision of a place where deep relationships can form and provide companionship on life’s journey. Your gift will help us to discern and engage in supporting all who seek compassionate care or to improve their overall connection with the God of their understanding and their quality of life.

     We count on your support now more than ever. Many seek to understand their situation in today’s world and the plight of many who are new to this country, who are homeless and/or unemployed. Many needs that we could support with your financial help outpace the funds we are able to generate on our own.

     Your tax-deductible gift can help us stay at the leading edge of life-giving, creative ways to respond to the challenging needs that exist today, and provide hope, healing, prayer and reflection, and place of companionship. Please give generously to the FCJ Christian Life Centre Annual Appeal. Your gift of $25, $100, $250, or more will provide resources that impact the recognition of Companionship with Jesus.

Thank you in advance for your generous support!

Sincerely in Christ,

Denise DeNeve

Director, FCJ Retreat and Conference Centre



There are several ways you can donate to FCJ Christian Life Centre. We have tried to make it as easy as possible, giving you the best range of options.



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