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Impact and Power of Your Generosity 

Join Our Annual Giving Tuesday Appeal for FCJ Centre 


Dear FCJ Centre Friends and Supporters,  


This Giving Tuesday, I find myself reflecting on the profound impact your unwavering support has had on the FCJ Retreat and Conference Centre.  

          Your generosity has been an instrument of light and hope, guiding us through even the most challenging moments and

          this tough time in our wounded world.  

          Your prayers have been the whispers of encouragement that have carried us through nearly forty-five years. 

          Together, we are weathering storms and witnessing renewal, filling our hearts with hope. 


Much like the anticipation of Advent, our Retreat Centre strives to offer a sanctuary for our souls—a space to rediscover the true essence of joy, peace, and love. In the whirlwind of today's fast-paced world, FCJ Centre stands as an oasis, providing a space for inner reflection and calm. It is a respite where individuals can find God, discover hope, experience hospitality, and encounter compassion. 


As well as being a venue for conferences, we also aspire to be a catalyst for personal development, spiritual growth, and a source of inspiration for those searching to make a difference in their lives. We are sincerely grateful to all who contributed financially and through volunteer hours to this great work. 


Through your steadfast support, we have created a space where the presence of God is profoundly felt—in quiet moments of prayer, through our diverse programs, counseling and spiritual direction services, outreach initiatives, nourishing meals, dedicated staff, and the serenity of our grounds along the gentle flow of the Elbow River. This encounter has a ripple effect, reaching lives far beyond our physical walls.  


Our devoted staff tirelessly breathe life into the charism of the FCJ Society and its foundress, Venerable Marie-Madeleine d'Houët. It is this spirit that resonates with the warmth and welcome you find and experience within these sacred walls. 


In 2022, we offered 60+ online, in-person, and hybrid options for some of the programs. A total of 550 people registered for these 60+ programs. Some participants signed up for one or more events. We had 18 volunteers who contributed 254 volunteer hours. They volunteered their time and expertise to help with some of our committee projects and Centre activities. We are also grateful to those who donated in 2022. 112 donors contributed $57,486.21. With an average of 300 visitors per month, our conference option hosted an average of 20 non-profit organizations and faith groups. In addition, we hosted an average of 10 private retreats per month. We provided 185 counselling sessions in the year, and an average of 50 spiritual direction sessions per month. More than the numbers, we thank God for 2022 during which we were able to carry out our ministry by assisting many people who were desiring growth in their lives.  


This Advent, I extend a heartfelt invitation for you to once again be an integral part of our story. Your contribution, regardless of its size, ensures that the light of the FCJ Centre continues to shine brightly. With your support, assistance and prayers, we can continue offering programs that guide seekers to find God and deepen their relationships with themselves, God, and others. On this Giving Tuesday, we want also to invite you to be even more involved in the life of the FCJ Centre — as a volunteer, by attending one of our programs, sharing your ideas for programs, or by helping to make the Centre and our programs better known to your networks.   

I also warmly welcome you to join us in our Advent reflections and gatherings, as we collectively prepare our hearts for something beautiful and transformative. 


This Advent, can you help us to continue bringing the Light of Christ into our world? 


How will your financial help contribute to the society we live in?   

The FCJ Centre strives to address the call of Pope Francis’s encyclical ‘Laudato sí’ Si to care for the earth, and to respond to social issues such as mental health, anti-trafficking, refugees and new immigrants, etc., but we are also addressing the fundamental issue — helping people become their best selves, know their purpose in life, and live a life of truth, enthusiasm and joy.    


Where will your financial help go?  

Apart from programming, your financial assistance will help support the infrastructure in which services and programming can take place.  Although the FCJ Centre building was thoroughly renovated and renewed in 1980, that is still over forty years ago!  Please consider giving a gift today. Your gift will help sustain the Centre as a place where people can experience companionship in their life journey.   


Your generous tax-deductible gift of $25, $100, $250, or more to the FCJ Christian Life Centre Annual Appeal will make a difference! Thank you in advance for your generous support!   


To end, I express my deepest gratitude for sharing our mission. Together, we are crafting a legacy of hope, transformation, and love. Your generosity is the spark that propels our journey, and for that, we are eternally thankful.    


For God’s Greater Glory. 


With warmest wishes and Advent blessings, 


Whitney Nagasan 

Executive Director, FCJ Retreat and Conference Centre 


(If you haven't met me yet, I do hope you'll stop by to say “Hi” as I want to know YOU, our Centre friends and supporters. Here’s my email: 

Ways to DONATE

  1.  Please click the link  

  2. Or Call 403-228-4215  

  3. Or Scan the QR Code below 


There are several ways you can donate to FCJ Christian Life Centre. We have tried to make it as easy as possible, giving you the best range of options.


January to August 2024

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