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Replacing the FCJ Centre Riverbank Stairs

On June 1st, a group of volunteers and staff members came together to renovate the FCJ Centre’s stairs leading down to Joanna’s riverbank. Over time, these stairs had shifted significantly, posing a safety risk for the Centre's staff, guests, and FCJ sisters. Recognizing the importance of this serene spot for reflection and meditation, the Centre, along with generous donors, took decisive action to restore the stairs to ensure safe and continued access to this tranquil space.


The Joanna riverbed is one of the most picturesque sites of the FCJ Centre, offering a peaceful setting for contemplation. It’s a beloved space for many, and ensuring it remains accessible was a priority. The rehabilitation project was launched under the direction of FCJ's Associate Director, Rita Khanchat, and with the enthusiasm of our incredible volunteer Peter Myers, and with the generous donation from Dick’s Lumber company.

The newly renovated stairs are now safe, allowing guests and FCJ sisters to once again enjoy the peacefulness of the riverbank. This project highlights the collaborative spirit, generosity within the community, and the unwavering support of our partners. The FCJ Centre is deeply grateful for the contributions and hard work of everyone involved, making the riverbank stairs a secure and welcoming path to serenity. #



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