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New Beginnings: 2024 SDTP Graduates embark on their next journey

Sunday, June 16, marked a significant event at the FCJ Christian Life Centre as eight students graduated from the Spiritual Direction Training Program (SDTP). This momentous event celebrated the culmination of a two-year journey dedicated to deepening personal spiritual growth and learning how to journey with others on their journey with God.

Spiritual Direction is the process of accompanying people on their spiritual journey, encouraging them to share and reflect on their life-story. The purpose of spiritual direction is to help individuals to explore their personal and spiritual experience as they grow closer God. Although some people may begin direction because of personal difficulties, losses, hurts or spiritual uncertainty, spiritual direction is not psychotherapy or counselling. The primary goal of spiritual direction is developing and deepening union with God.

FCJ Executive Director Whitney Nagasan warmly welcomed the graduates, along with their family and friends, to the FCJ Centre. In her opening remarks, she expressed her pride in the graduates' commitment and growth throughout the program. The atmosphere was filled with joy and a sense of accomplishment as their families gathered to honor the hard work and dedication of the graduates.

Sr. Ann Marie Walsh provided a brief but enlightening background on spiritual direction, highlighting its importance in fostering a closer relationship with God and guiding others on their spiritual journeys. Her insights offered a deeper understanding of the profound impact that spiritual direction can have on both the director and the directee. Rev. Rick Beck provided an inspiring message expressing gratitude to the graduates for their deep commitment to the work of becoming good spiritual directors and wished them many blessings as they go forward. 

Several graduates took the opportunity to share their personal experiences during the training program, reflecting on how it had transformed their spiritual lives. Their heartfelt testimonies illustrated the growth and significant changes they had undergone, emphasizing the program's role in shaping their spiritual paths and preparing them to journey with others.

The event concluded with heartfelt congratulations and warm wishes for the graduates as they go on their new journeys as Spiritual Directors. Following the ceremony in chapel, all enjoyed a lovely reception in the FCJ Centre Dining Room. The FCJ Christian Life Centre community looks forward to witnessing the positive impact these new graduates will have in guiding others on their spiritual journeys. #


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