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Multi-Parish Staff Retreat

Photo credits: Brittany Teixeira, Glenda Anderson, and Fr. Wilbert Chin Jon

Being in community requires intentionality. Recently we had the pleasure of hosting a Parish Staff Retreat on "Embracing Intentional Discipleship". 65 dedicated staff members from 35 parishes, gathered on Monday, May 26, for a day of spiritual growth and transformative renewal.

Under the guidance of the devoted Catholic Pastoral Centre team, this retreat was designed to ignite the fervor of discipleship and what it means to nurture that dedication to Christ. The enlightening talks delivered by Bishop McGrattan and Fr. Fabio DSouza from Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Calgary set the tone for a day of faith exploration.

Throughout the retreat, parish staff members joined in prayer, song, and contemplation. They engaged in illuminating sessions, and participated wholeheartedly in thought-provoking discussions and of reverential adoration in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. It was a time to welcome the Holy Spirit, and forge deep connections with fellow disciples as together they renewed their commitment to the transformative work of God's boundless grace.

One of the highlights of the retreat was the heartfelt testimony shared by Fr. Fabio DeSouza. With utmost sincerity, he unveiled his personal calling to the priesthood and emphatically underscored the profound significance of discipleship and mission. Drawing inspiration from the angel Gabriel's encounter with the Virgin Mary and the resounding petition expressed in the Lord's Prayer, participants were able to consider the very essence of their own discipleship.

By embracing the fundamental belief that each individual possesses a distinctive calling and purpose, all attendees were encouraged to actively contribute to the construction of God's everlasting kingdom. The retreat provided an exceptional opportunity for all participants to recharge, build meaningful connections, and passionately renew their commitment to the path of discipleship.

The group said in a statement: “We thank the FCJ Centre for an excellent host, providing their facilities, as well as delicious and wholesome food throughout the day. We surely left with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper connection to our faith and mission at work.”

Are you seeking a consecrated space where your group can gather, reflect, and cultivate growth? Look no further than the FCJ Centre. We’ve cultivated an atmosphere of prayer and spiritual growth. We invite you to explore the endless possibilities and experience the transformation that eagerly awaits you here. Whether you are envisioning a simple meeting, a social event, a banquet, or a guided or unguided spiritual retreat, the FCJ Centre is ready to extend a warm welcome to you. This is a place for faith, solitary reflection, renewal, and deep connections. Reserve your next gathering at the FCJ Centre today.


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