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FCJ Centre Spring Open House 2024


On June 5th, the FCJ Centre, located in the heart of Downtown Calgary, opened its doors to Calgary’s non-profit and charitable organizations for its annual Spring Open House event, showcasing its wide array of facilities, services and programs. The FCJ Centre has remained true to its mission to become the centre of hospitality and hope where God could be experienced in a changing world and will continue to uphold this mission in the future.

The event not only provided an opportunity for these non-profit and charitable organizations to learn more about the FCJ Centre, but also served as a platform for introducing their organization to others. Representatives from each group were given a chance to speak about their organization and to network among others, sparking inspiration to collaborate in the pursuit of common goals.

During the Spring Open House, attendees had the opportunity to ask questions about FCJ Centre’s upcoming programs, services offered, and bookings. A guided tour in the FCJ Centre was also held right after the presentation and networking.

The event proved to be a great avenue for these organizations to connect, inform, and collaborate, encouraging collaboration and collective action in addressing social challenges in the community. #


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