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We are Open!

The FCJ Retreat and Conference Center takes the health and safety of our guests, staff, and volunteers very seriously. As such, we are adhering to Alberta Health Services recommendations and have put in place the following Protocols:

Upon entering the facility, guests will be asked to sanitize their hands and wear a mask. Masks will be worn by staff in common areas.

  • Throughout the facility, guests will find hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes please wash or sanitize hands frequently.

  • Please maintain physical distancing throughout your stay.

  • Housekeeping staff will sanitize common areas and bathrooms throughout the day.

  • Conference rooms have specific instructions posted on the door:

- Please use Hand Sanitizer upon entering and exiting the room.

- Masks should be worn when entering and exiting the Conference room.

- Social Distancing (6ft. apart) must always be maintained in or out of the Conference room.

- Please use regular cleaning sanitizer and cloth or disinfectant wipes provided, to wipe the door

handle, armchairs, and commonly touched areas after use

- Rooms will be sanitized completely each morning by Centre Staff

  • When utilizing bedrooms please note hallways and common touch areas will be sanitized frequently. (note: staff will not touch any luggage or enter your rooms during your stay). If towels or linens are required to be changed, they must be left outside your room in the basket in the hallway. Clean linens and towels will be left outside your door.

  • When staying for a meal please note:

- Before entering and upon leaving the dining room, please wash hands or use hand sanitizer.

- Please always keep six feet apart from anyone.

- Staff will be wearing face masks.

- Please note your meal will be served to you by staff.

- Cutlery will be wrapped in a napkin provided by the staff.

- Condiments and Beverages are available.



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