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1-on-1 Retreat in Your Church

As an outreach to your faith community, the FCJ  Centre is offering a “Guided Week of Prayer” that is geared towards personal and communal faith formation. The goal of this week is to offer support, help and encouragement to those who wish to deepen their prayer life, discover additional ways of prayer, and/or connect with a Spiritual Director about their prayer life. Each attendee will be assigned a trained Spiritual Director who will be their prayer guide and companion for the week and they will be encouraged to participate as follows:

  •  To spend some time in prayer each day on their own.

  •  To meet consistently with their assigned prayer guide from Monday to Friday.

  •  To come to the introduction of the week on Sunday and the closure on Saturday.

The week begins with a one-hour group meeting on Sunday that will familiarize the participants with their assigned prayer guide and the structure of the week ahead. On each consecutive day, Monday to Friday, the participants will have a half-hour individual chat with their prayer guide. There will be morning, afternoon and evening time slots available for these chats which will be relaxed, private and informal. The week closes with a group meeting on Saturday that offer space for a brief discussion about the participants' experiences.

The logistics for this event include: circle seating in a room or space large enough for the two group meetings (Sun & Sat) and a few smaller private rooms with two chairs and a table for the individual meetings (Mon-Fri).


Program: $380.00*

Participant's Cost: $50.00 (covered by participant or church)

*mileage and accommodation will be an extra charge, if required

If you would like your faith community (Leadership, lay people and/or congregations) to take part in this prayer filled opportunity or for additional information, please contact the FCJ Centre by phoning (403) 228-4215 or EMAIL.

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