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Mind and Body, Health and Wellness Programs at the FCJ

Did you know that the FCJ Retreat and Conference Centre offers some health and wellness programs? Whether it is for your body, mind or spirit, there are options available both in person and also virtually.

Christian Meditation Programs

Christian meditation programs run bi-weekly or monthly at the FCJ Retreat and Conference Centre both online and in person. They offer the gifts of Christian mediation and community. Participation involves a welcome and introductions, a recorded talk from a series of talks, and a meditation session.

Spring Forest Qigong

Spring Forest Qigong (chee gong) is offered by Dianne Goldade. It is a simple yet effective practice that can be done at any age and with any capability! Especially useful for people with Dementia. Spring Forest Qigong is a practice-based upon the Mind-Body Meditative Movements. These movements involve simple, slow repetition, along with mindful breathing, visualization, and meditation. These movements are a beautiful way to connect with your inner guidance in a heart centered community.

Chair Yoga

The FCJ also offers a safe and gentle, yet effective yoga practice that doesn't have you performing those “pretzel-like" yoga positions? A practice where you can enjoy all the benefits of traditional yoga while being comfortably supported by a chair?

If limited mobility or injuries are holding you back from enjoying your body to the fullest, then you owe it to yourself to give this course a try. It's an amazing way to safely stretch and strengthen your body.

To see if Chair Yoga is right for you, identify any of the following limitations you might have:

• Living with chronic pain…

• Limited mobility due to illness, injury or disease…

• Inflammation in the joints…

• Working at a desk all day…

• Never done yoga before…

• And difficulty standing for long periods of time.

To learn more about any of these programs or to register please visit our At A Glance Page.


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