Please be aware of the following:

Rates to book our conference rooms depend on the nature of your booking. There are general categories to look at when pricing your event. These include: 

  • Number of participants;

  • Type of event - day(s) workshop - generally meaning commute or a several day event, perhaps needing live-in accommodation; and 

  • Request for meal(s) and/or coffee refreshment break(s). 

All of these factors will determine your cost. *Note: There is no extra charge for parking, 

Once a tentative date has been set aside for your group, a contract will be sent out to you. You will need to sign the contract and return it to us with a deposit as set out in your contract. Your booking is not considered secured until we have received both, the signed contract and deposit. Our general booking policy requires a deposit of one-third the projected cost of your booking, which will be used against the final cost of your event. Deposits are waived for bookings within thirty (30) days, however, the contract must be signed and returned. If the booking is cancelled, the deposit then becomes a cancellation fee, and the group WILL BE invoiced for this fee. 


Deposit will be refunded, less administration fee, for bookings made more than three (3) months in advance ONLY when the FCJ Retreat & Conference Centre is given ninety (90) days notice. The exact start date of the booking as stated in the contract is what is used as reference. NOTE: ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST BE MADE IN WRITING. 

Cancellations made after deadline dates, as stated in the contract, result in forfeit of the full deposit. A group whose deposit fee was waived, will be invoiced. Deposit fees now become cancellation fees. 

Any cancellation made within one (1) business week of the booking, result in being invoiced for the full amount of the projected cost of the booking as stated in the contract. 

EXCEPTION: If a cancelled booking is moved to another available date within the same month (minimum of five (5) days notice must be given, then the deposit will be transferred to the new date. 

Any questions regarding conference room availability, estimate on costs, or our cancellation policy, please contact our Booking Coordinator at (403) 228-4215, or EMAIL

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