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By registering to the event, it is understood that the client (you) have read this policy carefully, understand its contents, and willingly agrees with the intention of legally binding ourselves and our group.


Mary was a woman like us with questions, joys, sorrows, worries, and other challenges that are a part of the everyday life of many women. She was a woman of deep faith, and she was also an unwed mother, a refugee, a neighbor, and a friend.


Facilitators will provide input on meeting Mary as an ordinary woman.


Participants will have time for quiet reflection and prayer, and optional group sharing.


Morning snack and lunch will be provided.


Sr. Ann Marie Walsh, a member of the Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ), is on staff at the FCJ Christian Life Centre where she offers individual spiritual direction and individual or group retreats. Following many years in Catholic education, both as a teacher and administrator and as a Local Leader in her own religious congregation, Ann Marie received her training in spiritual direction with the Jesuits at Loyola House in Guelph, Ontario. She was a member of the retreat staff there before coming to Calgary in 2012. Ann Marie loves the ministry of spiritual direction. She delights in reminding people that they are individually loved by God and journeying with people who are searching for a closer relationship with God.


Patricia Harasym is a member of the FCJ Centre Resource Team, a Spiritual Director, Area Coordinator for the Canadian Christian Meditation Community, and a lay Benedictine Oblate. She loves to accompany people with serious joy on their life journey with God, both individually and in small groups, and in good, neutral, and challenging times.


For more information, kindly contact us at: 403.228.4215 or email us at

Women’s Retreat Day: Experiencing Mary Anew

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  • 1. Program one-off, series, or workshop 


    • If you cancel a week before the event starts, we'll refund your registration fee minus a 15% admin fee. 

    • Example: Program starts July 10 - let us know by July 3 

    • No refunds for cancellations made less than a week before the event. 


    2. Weekend Workshops or Retreats 


       A. For Live-in Participants: 

    • Cancel at least 2 weeks before the event, and we'll refund your registration fee minus a $75 admin fee. 


       B. For Commuters: 

    • Cancel at least 2 weeks before the event, and we'll refund your registration fee minus a $25 admin fee. 

    •  Example: Program starts July 10 - inform us by June 26 

    • No refunds for cancellations made less than 2 weeks before the event, for both Live-in and Commuter participants. 


    3. Retreats for Four or More Days  


    • Cancel up to 3 months before the event, and we'll refund the full amount with no fees. 

    • Example: Program starts July 10 - inform us by April 10 


    Cancellation Fee if Cancellation is Received (of start date): 


    • Between 1 and 3 months: $75 

    • Less than 1 month: $100 

    • Less than 1 week: No refund (full registration fee is retained) 


    Please note that special circumstances may have exceptions. 



    We understand that unforeseen situations may arise. While our standard cancellation policy applies in most cases, we are open to considering special circumstances on an individual basis. These could include but are not limited to: 


    Medical Emergencies: If you or an immediate family member experience a medical emergency preventing your attendance. 

    Unexpected Personal Circumstances: Situations such as a sudden job loss, relocation, or other unavoidable personal circumstances beyond your control. 

    Natural Disasters or Extreme Weather: Cases where travel becomes unsafe or impossible due to unforeseen natural events. 

    Governmental Restrictions or Regulations: Changes in travel restrictions or governmental regulations impacting your ability to attend. 


    Please reach out to us as soon as possible if you find yourself in one of these situations. We'll do our best to accommodate your needs, which might include: 


    Providing credit for a future event. 

    Adjusting the cancellation fees based on the circumstances. 

    Partial or full refunds, depending on the severity and nature of the situation. 


    We will evaluate each case individually and with empathy, considering the documentation or evidence provided. 


    This policy is subject to the discretion of the FCJ retreat and conference centre management and does not guarantee exceptions but aims to offer flexibility in challenging situations. 

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