FCJ Retreat and Conference Centre COVID-19 Update

Path Forward

Alberta is bending the curve to protect our health system. A roadmap was developed by the Alberta Government to help Albertans understand how restrictions will be eased in steps over the coming months. A Path Forward outlines the sectors that will see gradual restriction changes at each step based on hospitalization benchmarks. To learn more about the Alberta Health Path Forward, click HERE.

Early Steps

Jan. 18, 2021 - The FCJ Retreat and Conference Centre is open for one-on-one Spiritual Direction and Counselling only by appointment.

Step 1 at the FCJ Centre

Feb. 8, 2021- The FCJ Retreat and Conference Centre is open for Individual private, day retreats.

We are very positive and keep praying for the decline in hospitalization rates and the prompt recovery to the affected by the virus. We also extend our sympathy to those who have lost their loved ones and are walking through grief. May the Lord grant them consolation and peace.

Once again, we want to take this opportunity to thank our loyal patrons who support the Centre. We are looking forward to seeing you once we resume services also. Meanwhile, we want to keep accompanying you in your journey through our programs, counselling and spiritual guidance.

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