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Urgent Appeal for Syria



We're still accepting donations! To those who have donated, THANK YOU for your generous contributions of $12, 280. At present, families need of winter kits have become even more critical as thousands are left displaced, in mourning and at the mercy of the elements. Fr Tony SJ in Aleppo leads the Jesuit early response to the tragedy accompanying survivors, providing them with immediate needs of food and warmth as well as Psychological First Aid sessions for the grieved and traumatized.

For anybody who has not had the opportunity to donate yet, this appeal will remain open until March 17th.  See details and see WAYS TO DONATE below!


The FCJ Centre continues to ask your help to raise money as soon as possible to Aleppo and surrounding affected areas in Syria. We are pleased that we can send the money directly to the Jesuit Refugee Services who are currently working on the ground.

One of the FCJ Christian Life Centre’s mandates is to collaborate with other individuals and organizations in addressing common societal problems. We consider everyone to be our brothers and sisters, and we want to reach out to our Syrian friends and families with this urgent appeal. 

To know more about their work in Syria, please click the link below: 

All your financial help will go directly to the Jesuit Refugee Services (الرهبنة اليسوعية لخدمة اللاجئين). This appeal will run for a month (until March 10th). The amount we raise in the next 2 weeks, we will be sending to JRS on Feb 24th. 

Please read what Rita Khanchat, a Syrian refugee and our current FCJ Centre’s Associate Director, says: 


A Crisis on Top of a Crisis 

While hundreds of survivors continue to call their loved ones in the hopes of hearing a voice from the rubble confirming their survival, dozens of victims have been buried beneath the rubble. Hundreds of Syrians lost their homes overnight as a result of a massive and tragic earthquake, and they are now trying to find the rest of their families, food to survive, and a place to stay warm in bitterly cold weather. 

The earthquake struck during a particularly difficult winter, with subzero temperatures in several parts of the country and severe shortages of water, fuel, and electricity. The Syrian crisis is now more pressing than ever, and it is one of the world's most complicated humanitarian crises. ​I am knocking on your generous hearts to help my country, Syria.


  • Drop your donation at our Office at 219 - 19th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0C8 

  • Mail a cheque payable to FCJ Christian Life Centre, to our address 219 - 19th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0C8 

  • Use Interac e-Transfer. No processing fee will be deducted from your donation. Your bank may, however, charge a service fee.  


Recipient’s email address, enter


Note: You will be asked to create a Security Question; such as “What was the password I provided you?” Send the answer to your Security Question to us in a separate email with the address: This will allow us to transfer your donation to FCJ Centre’s bank account. Please also provide your name, mailing address, and phone number with your email. 

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