Centre Funding

Since the FCJ Christian Life Centre opened its doors as a retreat and conference centre in 1980, it has been responsible to generate its operating capital. In those early years, the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus heavily subsidized the Centre with donated time and expertise. Today, the Centre's operating capital is generated in four ways:


  • FCJ Centre sponsored programs

  • Hosting outside groups

  • FCJ Society subsidy

  • Donations

We are grateful for the support given to us. Even the smallest financial gifts received by the Centre support our on-going ministry. Explore the various ways which are available as a means to donate. Donations are tax deductible.


Charity No. 118913581RR

The FCJ Christian Life Centre is planning to raise an estimated amount of $50,000 this year on fundraising campaigns. It will cost our organization initially an estimated $3,000 to raise this. The amount raised will be going towards the ongoing charitable works of the FCJ Centre. For further information please contact us

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