Program Objectives

The essence of our mission as Faithful Companions of Jesus is to be with Jesus in his mission.  The Father calls us to follow his Son in faithfulness…  Jesus was limited in his human experience but he entered fully into that experience and sought to do only what pleased the God who sent him.  For us too, our very humanness makes limits and creates the space in which we are called to respond.

Like Mary, Mother of Jesus and Mother of the Church, and like the holy women, messengers of the Good News, we are sent to proclaim the Truth, Jesus who is alive and lives among us, who is Son of God and Saviour of the world.

Mission is the whole of our lives given in service: it is not only what we do but more importantly who we are as we do it.  Wherever we are and whatever our work, we are sent and our mission is to be faithful companions of Jesus.

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